A Triptych of a Maker

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definition from Merriam-Webster


I was inspired by the idea of a triptych for this week’s writing piece (I’m taking a writing course right now).  I wrote three pieces that might seem random but I think they give a glimpse into how my mind works.  It’s messy but I love it.  See what you think.

My Mind is Pinterest on Steroids…


The image of a tree slice
Showing its rings of growth
A great line from a book
I just read

The way that a jar of jam
in our fridge
is labelled
Organic oranges & lemons,
Sugar, pectin, love.

Stick with me here.

A colour swatch of
Gentleman’s Gray
DIY gifs on @adamjk’s
Instagram account

The graphic design of a picture book
I got for the kids from the library
The name of a new magazine
I stumbled upon last week

Different pieces in my
Jewelry box
A cool dot-to-dot book for adults from DeSerres

Images I love
Random thoughts
A collection stored inside my head

That will all come together at
Some point and
Create something new.


Note: all of the photos above are from my phone.  I snap them at different times when I see something I like.



Screen Shot 2018-02-04 at 8.41.41 AM.png



My Happy Place


My Happy Place
Is a coffee shop on a Saturday or Sunday morning
The kids are home asleep in their beds.
The first round of naps
For the day has begun.

Eric is home with them.
And I’m so thankful to him
For this time.
He knows that I feel guilty about leaving
And yet need it so badly.

I find my long wooden table
and sit facing the wall of windows.
I want to feel the early morning sun on my face,
to watch it slowly make its way across the table.
I want to see the coming and going of people.
Somehow it doesn’t distract me.

I usually have a hot tea next to me,
my laptop
stacks of notebooks
a Flow Magazine
and my pencil case (I sound like such a nerd!)

I have a ton of ideas in my head
pieces that have been floating around
for days and weeks.
I’ve held onto them for dear life,
letting them cycle around and around,
in hopes that they’ll stay long enough
until I have some time
to do something with them.

I have a whole list of things
I want to tackle.

It’s a place where I can sit for 3 hours
and it feels like 15 minutes.
That whole concept of flow,
Yep.  I totally get it.
I get lost
In a good way.

I am reading, and thinking, and writing,
and I’m so into what I’m doing.
The bustle of people around me,
The distant murmur of voices
the hissing sounds of the coffee machine,
the music in the background
It’s the perfect soundtrack
for my work

When I get there
I don’t think I’ll be able to write a thing
And then the words start pouring out
In my notebooks
In multiple Google docs

3 hours later my head feels full
and tired
I know I’ve reached my limit
I don’t want to think anymore.
I’m done.

But I’m giddy
I feel lighter and hopeful
I’ve been able to connect some pieces
I’ve had a little ah-ha moment
I finally got to work on that piece that’s been on my mind
There’s clarity
And there’s

This is My Happy Place.
And the nerd in me
Loves it.
This is what nourishes me.
It always has.


Screen Shot 2018-02-04 at 8.50.38 AM.png

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