The Lainie List

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I had fun picking out fabric at a quilt shop with Mom and Charlie during the Christmas holidays. I’m going to try sewing her a few dresses for spring / summer.


  1. The Secret Thoughts of Successful Women
  2. The Gifts of Imperfection. A book to add to my reading list.
  3. Think Different. 1997.
  4. How to Create your Own Pin on Pinterest
  5. DIY Hack to Keep Mittens on your Kids
  6. Calgary dog loves his custom made snow maze.
  7. This video has 28 million views.  It includes three stories from his life.
  8. The Living Obituary.  Page 41. I want to write my own.
  9. People to follow on Instagram: Adam J. Kurtz, Elise Joy, Tiffany Han
  10. Abstract: The Art of Design.  Binge watch on Netflix.
  11. I am LOVING this book.  So good.
  12. A great little book I got for Christmas: Side Hustle.
  13. Extraordinary Routines: Illuminating the Everyday Lives of Creatives




Each week I write a list like this.  The links give a snapshot  – what I’ve been reading online during the week, great books and articles, creative projects, cute videos…  I email the list out to friends and other creatives who want to join in.  Want to be included?   Yes! Send the Lainie List to my inbox each week!

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