DIY Hack to Keep Mittens on your Kids

I had to try something different to keep mittens on our kids’ hands.  Snaps and clips weren’t cutting it. Maybe you feel my pain too.

If you have a pair of mittens, a pair of socks, and a sewing machine, I have a solution for you…


  1. You will need a pair of your child’s mittens and a pair of their socks.



Try to find some cute socks with fun characters or prints on them. These socks were from Carters.  (I made this pair for our son).



2. With sharp scissors (I used fabric scissors), cut across the sock just before it starts to curve at the heel.  This will give you a section of sock that is as straight and square as possible.



3. Now turn each piece of sock inside out.  Tuck your mitten inside so that the rough, cut edge of the sock is at the cuff.  Pin around the mitten.



4. With a sewing machine, sew around the cuff.



5. Trim the remaining threads.  Pull the sock back so it’s no longer inside out.  Voila!

Aren’t they cute!?! And they work great!  We took the kids outside and their mittens stayed on the whole time.








Charlie testing them out before she went outside 🙂


Tip: I  would suggest putting your child’s mittens on first and then pulling their coat on over top.


If you make a pair, post a pic to share!  Please 🙂  I’d love to see them.

Happy No Missing Mittens New Year!



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