What I Got for Christmas


A photo shoot of favourite Christmas gifts was taken over by a five year old.  He made it SO much better…


Mom and Dad bought me some new notebooks.




Mom knit me a chunky green scarf.


Santa put some new OPI nail polish in my stocking.  What are you doing, Auntie??



He thought that Batman should get in the picture.


…and so should Superman.


Hilarious.  The picture was waaaay better than before.

Then he had to go down for his nap.  I decided that I needed to re-do my other pictures…

Superman and Batman started to fight over my Chapters gift card.



Then they got into my Jelly Belly’s.


They decided to do a little writing…



…and have a cup of tea.





Then they decided to call it a day and take a little nap.


Kids are awesome.  I love the way they think.


I hope you had a great Christmas!  What were some of your favourite gifts this year?

3 Replies to “What I Got for Christmas”

  1. The surprise of watching gifts being opened and no one knowing who bought them. Did you buy that for yourself? Did you get that for daddy or did he buy it ? What’s in that big box for daddy, what did you get him? It was a whole new take on Christmas!! The best gift of Christmas was spending time with my family!!

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