The Lainie List

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Playing around with paint this week.


What is The Lainie List?

It’s what I’ve been reading online during the week, books that I’ve found, things that I’ve tried or want to…it’s a snapshot of my week. It’s all the random things that come into my head and a peek into my every day life…


  1. The difference between Scandinavian and Nordic.
  2. #holidayhygge  My project for December.
  3. I bought this print at the One of a Kind Show.  Love it.
  4. Christmas Simmering Pot recipe.
  5. Zombie Safe Zone Maps.  Hilarious!
  6. City of Craft.  Free workshops and amazing artisans selling their work this weekend!
  7. This year’s strangest stocking stuffers.
  8. My mom’s ginger molasses cookie recipe.
  9. Make great scones!
  10. Make a free Shutterfly photo book as a Christmas gift!  I have a code you can use.
    (If it doesn’t work, someone might have beat you to it.)
  11. I want to add this to my Christmas Wish List and my 101 Lainie Projects list.
  12. 2017 Gift Guide for Bloggers.  So good!
  13. Great little planners.
  14. Some ground rules for giving holiday gifts.
  15. Get The Lainie List sent to your inbox each week!
  16. Purl Soho Favorites
  17. Recommended crayons for little hands.
  18. I want to go to this conference one of these days.
  19. Reindeer Rice Krispie Treats
  20. Eggnog Pancakes
  21. HERSHEY’S Ultimate Chocolate Brownies
  22. The world’s first cheese advent calendar
  23. Hallmark has a Dream Book for keepsake ornaments.  I had no idea.
  24. #25daysofmittens


I hope you found a few things on the list to try or check out 🙂  Have a great weekend!




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