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Our house has become mitten making central. #25daysofmittens


  1. Loved the restored building and the food.  You should go to Cherry St. BBQ.
  2. Bang Bang Ice Cream, you are ridiculously good.
  3. A Way to Donate toys this Christmas (in Toronto)
  4. It’s official! Christmas music in the house on November 13th.
  5. My favourite Christmas song.
  6. Who remembers these Christmas candies?
  7. Stephe Caissie Photography.  I’d love to learn how to take great portraits.
  8. I am so making one of these.
  9. Planning my birthday girls weekend.  Woot! Woot!
  10. A Scandinavian Guide to Toronto
  11. There’s a new issue for me to buy!
  12. I love these stickers.  I bought them for my planner.
  13. I am going to this! The Swedish Christmas Fair.
  14. There’s a Swedish bakery in the Beaches?!


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