The Lainie List

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My Little Family.


  1. How to sew mittens from wool sweaters.
  2. Hershey’s new bar in 20 years
  3. Love this dress.  Maybe I could wear it to the park?!
  4. 100 Best Leadership Quotes
  5. How Walt Disney Creates Magical Experiences (as a UX designer)
  6. Meet Stay-at-Home Sally & Sue
  7. Another look at math flash cards.
  8. The 2017 Santa Claus Parade (Toronto)
  9. See you soon, The One of a Kind Show!
  10. The next book I’m going to read.
  11. For the fellow book nerds out there.  You might want one of these.
  12. I would totally wear this.  Something for my Christmas wish list…
  13. I want to figure out how to make these for Charlie.
  14. 10 Reasons Why Teens are More Anxious than Ever
  15. What we should be buying new moms.
  16. I LOVE this coat.  I’m tempted to buy it for Charlie but I won’t.
  17. I finished my self-portrait! It was so much fun.
  18. Meet Stay-at-Home Sally and Sue.
  19. My favourite pair so far from #25daysofmittens (and the only ones that haven’t sold!)


#TheLainieList @holmeslainie
A weekly list of what I’ve read, tried, or laughed at.

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