What We Should Buy for New Moms

Screen Shot 2017-11-08 at 3.49.21 PM
Tate and I having a snooze.  He was just weeks old in this photo.


As a mom, who has had three babies in less than three years, this is what we should be buying new moms…


1. Massages by incredible RMTs

Every mom should be handed a lifetime supply of massages when they leave the hospital after giving birth or after welcoming a child into their home.

Does your back ache after carrying around a small child on the front of you, plus the extra baby weight for the last 9 months?  Did you sleep in a chair for the last month or so of pregnancy?  Here is your lifetime of massages.

Do you have a newborn and feel completely exhausted?  Last night you struggled to keep your eyes open during feedings.  Enjoy a dimly lit room with no crying baby.  Sleep during your massage, snore even.  Start to feel like a human again.

Do you have toddlers that you schlep around for 10+ hours today?  Did you carry them, haul strollers in and out of vehicles, or bend over to put away toys for the millionth time today? You are a part of this club too.

And forget just little ones, if you spend hours sitting in an arena during your kid’s hockey practice or long hours behind the wheel chauffeuring them from here to there, you get massages too. I’m talking about a LIFETIME of massages for all moms. And if we can’t get that, a friend or family member who books a massage for us will be loved for a lifetime.


2. Gift certificates for manicures and pedicures

There’s something about sitting and having someone do your nails –  to look down and see a pop of colour.  It’s funny for me to even write this; I don’t see myself as a girly girl.  But when you have kids and very little time for yourself, getting a manicure is a treat.  It’s a place where you can’t hold onto babies, cook dinner, or do a million other things.  You are simply getting your nails done.

You can just sit in peace.  You can stare blankly at a TV screen on the wall or people watch.  It’s freaking glorious.  I think the last time I had a manicure done was the winter of 2016.  Thatcher had just been born and Eric bought me a gift certificate.  I was able to go out just long enough to get my nails done before his next feeding.  It was amazing. Give a mom a mani / pedi.


3. Memberships for things like the zoo, drop-in play centres, the science centre, and more.

When you’re on maternity leave and your income is slashed, how can you afford all of these things?  And when it’s freezing cold in the winter and you just want to get out of your house, where are you going to go?  You could wander the mall with all the other strollers but that’s just painful; why wander around a place filled with things you’d love to buy but can’t?

Memberships like these help get moms out of the house and provide their children with great learning experiences.  You are giving a mom some sanity and a nice break from their day to day routines.  Thank you!


4. LCBO gift cards

Really, do I need to explain this one?!  Give mom a bottle of red wine.


5. Mall gift cards

It might be a while before mom is getting back into her clothes, unless she’s one of those people who will walk out of the hospital with her newborn while wearing size 2 skinny jeans (Good on her. I wore maternity jeans for far too long.)

Moms feel guilty buying things for themselves; they usually spend money on their kids.  Give mom a gift card so she can buy something for herself without the guilt of draining the family bank account.  She’ll thank you for it.


6. Restaurant gift cards

Can you imagine being able to order in dinner and have it paid for?  On Friday night’s when you are tired from the week, you can have it delivered to your doorstep and not feel a second of guilt for spending money.  Supper is on us.


7. Pre-planned dates

Get mom out of the house.  Buy gift certificates and take her out to a movie. I think the last movie I saw was before Thatcher was born.  He’s almost 2.

Take her out for dinner or to a wine bar.  Go out for coffee.  Just make plans and take her out.  She will feel like she needs to be at home taking care of her kids 24/7.  Help make her world a little bigger by adding friends, laughter, and life outside of her house after 7 p.m. (a.k.a. bedtime).  It will make her feel like herself again, after she’s been swirling around in the world of motherhood.  Take her out.



Now don’t get me wrong, buying adorable little onesies and shoes are so cute and much appreciated by new moms; keep buying them.  It’s exciting to get clothes for this tiny little person you haven’t met yet.  I am so thankful for all of the gifts our friends and family have given us over the last three years.

To go along with cute baby clothes and much needed items, this list includes a few new ideas to consider for that next baby shower you are invited to.  It might be exactly what she needs months down the road.

It was fun writing this post. I write it for moms who might be in the thick of it or those who don’t even know what’s coming.  I’ve been there, I’m still there, and these things would be amazing.



Group pic.jpg
Thank you to Jess from Daring Wanderer for this photo.




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