LOVE the Ontario Science Centre.


  1. Very Lainie
  2. We watched this tooooo many times this week.
  3. Arizona man selling ranch for $5M due to constant ‘alien attacks’.  Oh boy.
  4. Pictures of Wildlife Items Illuminate the World of Contraband
  5. I still find this video funny.  8 thousand people disagree.
  6. I just downloaded this book. I’m looking forward to reading it.
  7. Something to add to my Christmas Wish List!  I’ve always wanted to get one.
  8. These DIY Advent calendars are amazing.  I’m going to make one!
  9. How to sign art prints.
  10. I burst out laughing when I saw Ellen’s Halloween costume this year. You have to see it.
  11. I want to make these: Apple Butter Hand Pies.
  12. I had no idea Heidi Klum was SO into Halloween.  Her costumes are incredible.
  13. 25 Days of Mittens



I hope you had a fun Halloween this week!  Here’s a photo of our little crew dressed up…


The Paw Patrol was on a roll, with a cat from that “cat-tastrophe crew.”

Have a great weekend!!



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