The Lainie List

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A big week at the Holmes’ residence! Charlie Bear is now able to get up on all fours.


  1. Oh man, I might actually give this a try.
  2. Inspired.  I’m thinking about creating my own ecourse related to kids. Stay tuned!
  3. Can you wash dish towels with regular laundry?
  4. Classes I’ve taken on Skillshare this week: one, two, three, four.
  5. A list of feeling words. And another. Something to teach the kids.
  6. How to embed Instagram photos in a webpage
  7. I ordered one for each of the boys.  Charlie’s is now on its way!
  8. How to freeze garden carrots.
  9. The Best Canadian Children’s Books for kids under 5.
  10. Meet Me First Melanie
  11. Homemade baby gifts.
  12. #friendmail17


An early Happy Halloween to everyone! Next week I’ll post a picture of our little crew dressed up.

Have a great weekend!


#TheLainieList @holmeslainie
A weekly list of what I’ve read, tried, or laughed at.

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