Meet Fake Francis.


fake francis.png


Meet Fake Francis.  She drives me crazy and totally gets under my skin.

She has curly red hair.  She wears jeans and a t-shirt.  She doesn’t stand out in anyway or have her own unique style.  Fake Francis just buys what everyone else does.

She has the biggest fake smile you’ve ever seen.  When people walk by her on the bus, she gives this over the top, high-pitched “OOOOooooh, Hi!!!!  It’s so good to see you…blah blah blah…fake fake fake.”  The forced pleasantries sound almost sing song, and then once the person has walked by, the smile is instantly gone and she rolls her eyes. She’s two-faced.

Fake Francis says one thing and then does another.

People often keep their distance because how can you trust someone like that?  She does have a little following of three other girls though.  They like to giggle and talk about other people.

What does she want others to know?

She doesn’t feel like she fits in with everyone else. She is interested in different things and is tired of trying to go along with what seems acceptable. She doesn’t want to offend other people.  Fake Francis just wants to speak her mind without having to sugar coat it. She wants others to give her the benefit of the doubt.

Fake Francis feels that people don’t see who she really is.  She is two faced in a sense – one face is presented to others and the other face is her true self.  She’s safer that way. There are a few people that know the real her.


What has she done for me?

Fake Francis has protected me for a long time.  Thank you, Francis.  By keeping my distance from others and presenting a version of myself, I don’t have to worry about being hurt or disappointed. It’s a comfortable place.

But I do think that it comes with a price.   I think I end up coming across in a way that’s more polished and fake than reality.  How can people connect with me when that’s not really who I am?

So I’ve started showing more of myself in my writing and through my Instagram.  It’s the g-rated version (those who know me, know that I can swear like a trucker).  I’ll keep that part of Fake Frances a little bit longer.  I’ll keep it classy 🙂


If you’re wondering what this is all about and why I’m writing about random people riding on a bus, I’m not losing it.  Promise.  Here’s something that explains it.

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