My Christmas Wish List

  1. A pink silicone pencil case from DeSerres
  2. A subscription to Flow Magazine
  3. Starbucks gift cards
  4. DeSerres gift cards
  5. A 10 class pass to Moksha hot yoga
  6. Gift certificate for Amazon (books!!!)
  7. New OPI nail polish
  8. Gift certificate for a mani/pedi
  9. Underwear
  10. Gift certificate for Chapters (Moleskine notebooks!! I like to pick out my own)
  11. A handful of my writing pens.
  12. Great cozy wool socks.
  13. David’s Tea
  14. Pottery classes (so I can continue)
  15. Mall gift cards (for clothes)
  16. Something homemade from Mom
  17. A soft, bulky knitted scarf.  Maybe in green.
  18. A gift certificate for a facial
  19. A writing class from Firefly Creative Writing (Update: I bought this for myself. Totally broke the family rule of no buying yourself anything before Christmas)
  20. Bubble bath or bath bombs
  21. A great sweater
  22. The Bobbette & Belle recipe book


My family loves Christmas.

We shake presents to try and guess what’s inside.  We add popcorn kernels or heavy books to the boxes to try and throw each other off.  It’s a big no-no to use a gift bag; you must feel the excitement of tearing paper.  We shop months in advance; if we find something good, we tuck it away.  We keep lists of ideas on our phones or on slips of paper in our bags.  And we make Christmas Wish Lists.

I remember my gram encouraging us to write wish lists as kids.  When we went to visit her, we would sit and spend hours going through the Sears Wish Book together.  It was fun to pick out different things.   We knew that adding something to the list didn’t mean we were going to get it.  It was just a way to show what we liked and to help give gram ideas (where we thought she was actually helping us write our Santa letters).

It’s funny now to think that gram continued to write her own wish lists until she was in her 70s 🙂  She loved Christmas more than anyone I know.  Months before, she would let us all know what she wished for – and amongst our family, we’d figure out who would pick up what.

A brown leather purse with shoulder straps, ankle-high leather boots (lace up, narrow width, size 8 ½, have some cloth along the top), tights (not thermal), a sweater (size large, light not bulky, red, natural, browns)… this is actually one of Gram’s lists.

It’s so funny.  She was so specific 🙂  We all had a laugh about it.  I found this list in my email.  My cousin Kelly had sent it to me.  I bought Gram a brown leather Fossil purse that year.  She still used it.

I miss gram and her wish lists.  She’d love that I was writing my own this year.


What would you wish for?  It’s neat to see how our interests and style come through. Even if you never show it to anyone, it’s a great way to see yourself on paper.  You get to be a kid again and feel the magic of making a wish.


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