Meet Perfectionist Pippi.



Meet Perfectionist Pippi.

Her appearance is immaculate.  She has a stylish haircut that says she went to an expensive salon.  She wears beautiful designer clothes and is always fully accessorized. She has silver bangle bracelets, glittery earrings, and painted finger nails.

She prefers to sit alone and places her expensive handbag on the seat next to her.  Inside, her bag is organized into different compartments so she can always find her things.

She doesn’t have many friends. Who wants to hang out with a perfectionist?  She’s always so critical and talking about how things could be better. So instead of joining conversations with others, she often sits alone looking out her window with her head held high.


But what does Perfectionist Pippi need?

She needs others to know that she doesn’t see herself as perfect at all. She’s quite the opposite. She’s actually exhausted from the ridiculous expectations she puts on herself. She’s never enough.

She worries that she comes across as a know it all who thinks she’s better than others. When really, she thinks it’s her that doesn’t measure up.

She wants people to know that she has good intentions. What comes across as criticism is actually her thinking about how things could be made better for others.  What comes across as bragging, is her excited to share something new.

In the end, Perfectionist Pippi just needs to slow down and rest.  She needs to be okay with things being satisfactory (which makes her cringe), because she always strives for her best.


What has Perfectionist Pippi done for me?

Perfectionist Pippi is my generator of ideas. She’s always thinking and dreaming.  What if… There has to be a better way… I have an idea… And although lonely at times, sitting on her own has given her the opportunity to sit back and observe others, to listen, and to learn about their needs or interests.  It’s a great little place to think and come up with ideas.

And because of Pippi, I admire entrepreneurs – especially those who disrupt and change the status quo. Warby Parker. Uber.  Air BnB.  They try to imagine things being different too.  They give people an alternative to the accepted norm and turn things upside down.  I would love to be able to do that someday.


Thank you Perfectionist Pippi for making me ambitious and always thinking about something new.  I’m always learning and I’m very thankful for that.  I do, however, need to rein myself in.  I need to enjoy the present and manage my own expectations.  I’m working on it, for myself and my family.  I’m going to tell you to cool it, Pippi – in a nice way of course.

And if you’re wondering, what is Lainie even talking about?!? Check out my previous post, Meet Protective Patty.  I explain everything there 🙂

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