Two Lives on Instagram

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I live two different lives on Instagram.

I have two separate accounts.  One where I’m followed by complete strangers.  The other, a private account with family and friends.  It’s strangers who get to see all of me – my personal writing, photos of current projects and our kids.  Friends and family get a filtered version – photos of the kids and a few projects.  There’s no sharing of my writing. So weird, right?

To me, I’d much rather lay it all out there for complete strangers because they don’t know me.  I will never know if they are talking about me.  I won’t know what they think of what I’m doing.  I just get to put it out there and be myself.

Growing up in a town of 1,200 people, where everyone knows each other, people naturally talk.  News is what someone did (good or bad), what’s happening in someone’s relationship, and who got into trouble on the weekend.  They are amazing people who would do anything for a neighbour or a friend.  We just talk in small towns. I just don’t want my Instagram account to feel like fuel for talk.

What’s funny is, what are they going to say?  Really, I’m not all that exciting or scandalous.  Oh that Lainie, she was sewing again this week or Did you know that she just finished an online course?  But really, I’m worried that it will sound more like, she should be spending more time and energy on her kids.  Why is she sharing such personal information online?  Did you read what she wrote about feeling lost lately?  I could have told you that…

My filtered version keeps me safe from talk and gossip.

But maybe I just worry too much and need to get over that.  So yesterday I went into my family and friends account and let them know that I’ve been MIA because I started a new account this spring.  I think I’m going to stop posting there all together but will keep it.

I want to remember the Lainie before she started feeling a little braver.  I want to go back and see what I was comfortable sharing, because I have a feeling that things are going to change.

Here’s to putting myself out there a little more.


9 Replies to “Two Lives on Instagram”

    1. I’m not alone! It’s funny the things we do to protect ourselves. Maybe this week you’ll dip your toes and post something great 🙂

      Thank you for leaving a comment. It means a lot to me.

  1. I can really relate to this…..I’m very protective of myself and what I’m doing/thinking but I love and admire others who put themselves out there.

    1. I think there must be a whole little underground crew of us 🙂 We’ll need a name!

      I admire the way that you think. I love seeing your energy and excitement when you talk about things that are funny or interesting to you. I feel lucky that I get to see the real Kim. By posting this comment for me (which means a lot to me), you have put yourself out there. Thank you.

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