My Mom Manifesto

Let them jump in puddles with their shoes on, clothes, whatever.  I can strip them down before we get in the car.  Their clothes will dry.  It’s part of being a kid.  They’ll remember that day we jumped in puddles together and got so messy.

Let them jump on the couch and slide down ramps made of cushions.  There will come a time when they will be too old and I won’t let them (I’m not for trashing our furniture). Right now they are little and it hurts nothing.  It fills our house with giggles and they enjoy playing together. Well worth the hundred times I put the cushions back on the couch each day.

We will eat chocolate in the morning.  If I’m baking with the kids and there’s a mixer to be licked, they can go to town.  Get that chocolate smeared across your cheeks and nose. You might probably remember getting to lick the mixer when you were little too.  I’m creating a memory for them to talk about when they’re older.

We do messy things like bring snow into the house in the winter – on purpose!  They play in a big bin with measuring cups, spoons, and whatever odds and ends I can find in the drawer.  To me, they are learning and experimenting.  They are trying things out to see what will happen.  And after, I just wipe the tile floor with a towel.  I’m fine with that.

On hot days, we play on the front porch in our diapers (them, not me). I don’t care how it might look.  They are carefree and happy.

We play outside when it rains.  They have little yellow rain coats and pants for the occasion.  Rubber boots too.  They push toys through puddles and I watch with my umbrella.  They need to get out of the house and so do I.

They can do their part to help out.  I want our kids to be responsible and independent. They know to take their shoes off on the tile and to tuck them under the bench.  Hats go in the basket.

I want our kids to have an amazing childhood filled with great stories.  This is why I write to them in their notebooks.  Why I take photos of sweet and funny moments for their photo books.  Why I’m five months into a 1 second video every day project.  It matters to me that I capture these childhood moments for them.

I don’t want my worries to be theirs.  Kids shouldn’t worry about anything.

Let them be little.

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