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This week we baked Daddy the BIGGEST possible cookie for his birthday.

  1. This milkshake will bring all the boys to your yard…
  2. Famous paintings brought to life with real models
  3. This Is What Happens to Ambition in Your 30s
  4. Retro Spaghetti-O Jello.  This looks so disgusting.
  5. How to Make Jon Snow’s Cape Using an Ikea Rug.  Bahahaha.
  6. Sew a Baby Carrier for Dolls (made one for a friend this week – too cute).
  7. Are you a Perfectionist?
  8. People with Museum Doppelgangers
  9. The Original Nestle Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe
  10. Give your Inner Critic a Talking To
  11. Jessica Biel’s Amazing “Dirty Dancing” Entrance is Ellen’s Best One Yet
  12. Herbs for Kids: What’s Safe, What’s Not


A weekly list of what I’ve read, tried, or laughed at.

Have a great weekend!
Lainie 🙂


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