Wear My Joy: A New Personal Project

After three pregnancies in 3 years, my wardrobe is in a sad state of affairs.

It’s a combination of maternity t-shirts that don’t fit properly, mom jeans (this hurts me more than you know), and tank tops because they are convenient for nursing.  My former self would be so embarrassed by what I wear out in public.

I definitely need a change.

So the timing was perfect when I came across an e-course by Kelly Rae Roberts called Wear Your Joy.

In her 30 day email course, Kelly sends prompts, quotes, and challenges to encourage you to change your self talk, consciously wear clothes that light you up and align with who you are.  Rather than paying $69 for the course (although I’d love to take it), I’ve come up with my own little version…


  1. Take Inventory

    I’ve gone through my closet and dresser to see what I have that brings me joy.


…and that is all.  Seriously!  Of everything I own, this is what I would wear with joy.  I wouldn’t be able to walk out of my house fulled clothed!

I own two articles of clothing that feel like me.  There are other pieces that I love but they are downstairs in Rubbermaid bins because they don’t fit…yet.

It’s definitely time for me to go shopping.  I’ve been selling my sewing and creative projects lately to have some spending money to put towards ‘the cause.’


2.What’s My Style?

I took a look at my Pinterest board.  What kind of clothes and accessories are my style? What colours am I drawn to?  What do I keep pinning over and over?  I will need to find some new stores where I can track down these pieces I like.  If you end up taking a peek at my board and have an idea of places I should check out, comment please!


3. Purge, Purge, Purge

A few months ago I did a major purge after watching the documentary Minimalism on Netflix.  They spoke of closets rammed full of clothing that people never wear, rarely touch, or merely hope will fit someday.

It’s time consuming just to dig through everything. Energy is spent when it doesn’t have to be.  Instead, we should look forward to opening our dresser drawers and closets – to see a few items, nicely spaced out, that we would be excited to put on.

To get to that place, here’s a purging tip from the documentary – do it quickly.  Don’t sit there and hum and haw over whether you should keep it.  Either you love it or you don’t.  Toss your clothes quickly into piles:

  • Clothes that are faded, stretched, or old –> garbage
  • Clothes in good condition but don’t light you up –> donate
  • Nice clothes that you spent considerable money on –> offer to a friend
  • Clothes that you enjoy wearing –> keep


Between the purge and now doing an inventory of what actually brings me joy, I hardly have anything.  I’m looking forward to slowly building up a collection of pieces that I love.  How nice it would be to feel excited to get dressed in the morning and to feel good when leaving the house.  I’ll keep you posted.


No more dreading getting dressed, or going through the process unconsciously. Begin your day with creative delight and soul-love.  -Kelly Rae Roberts





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