What We Can Learn About Life from Kids Paintings

Screen Shot 2017-08-30 at 9.08.50 AM.png
A painting done by our 2 1/2 year old.



Toddlers take things for what they are.

They are playful.

Before they start, they don’t think about using colours that match their personal branding.  They don’t do a rough sketch or plan first – worrying about making a mistake or how it might turn out.  They are totally comfortable figuring things out as they go.  It’s not even in their realm of thought.

It’s not something they should do.  It’s something they want to do.  “I wanna paint, mama.”I think about the number of times during the day when I think to myself: I should write a blog post.  I should get back to listening to those podcasts.  I should slow down and stop adding to my crazy to-do lists and just be present.  I should.

What they make isn’t influenced by others.  They’re not worried if you will like it (yet).  They’re not trying to recreate the work of others.  Everything is original.  They are simply making something for the sake of making something.

They don’t make to impress.


As adults, there’s a lot we can learn from watching kids paint.  I need to think more like a toddler. In some ways…



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