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Each week I like to post a favourite photo from the week.


  1. 18 Year Old Schizophrenic Artist Drawing Hallucinations
  2. The Extraordinary Routines of Creative Entrepreneurs: Lisa Congdon
  3. 12 Shocking Things I Learned While Working as a Butler at NY’s Plaza Hotel
  4. Making Your Own Labels for Handmade Goods
  5. This comedian’s hilarious recreations of celebrity bikini Instagrams
  6. Football Coach shows off his dance moves in front of the team.  He once toured with MC Hammer. Seriously.
  7. The 3-D Pancake Maker
  8. Creative Storage Solutions for Kids Toys
  9. This Is Us – First Look at Season 2!
  10. Morning People vs. Me – YouTube video that will make you laugh.
  11. Frozen Car Rescue – How to Keep Toddler Boys Occupied
  12. I am so going to try this with my kids.  Too cute.
  13. 10+ Before and After Pics that Prove Men Look Better with Beards.  Agree or Disagree?
  14. 5 Steps to Finding What You Truly Value
  15. Pick the freshest bread in the store.  Learn how to read the coloured tags.
  16. Humans of Danforth East: Erin and Yvonne from Origin Wellness
  17. 17 Writers to Watch in 2017
  18. The Saturday Morning All-You-Can-Eat Cereal Cartoon Party.  No joke, it’s an actual event.


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