Meet Mr. Owl. My Spirit Animal.

Screen Shot 2017-08-18 at 6.19.36 AM.png
I made this guy.

Each of this little guy’s feathers has meaning and represents my life.

My Grandma’s Handwriting
She was and still is an important part of my life.  She taught me that women can do anything they want and she always made me laugh.  I have snippets of her handwriting mixed in amongst the feathers.

My Son’s Painting
Our oldest loves running his cars through blobs of paint and leaving tracks across the page.  It’s fun to see his creative side come out and watch him play with his ideas.   I included a little piece of his painting.

Cover Page from Flow Magazine (@flow….)
This magazine feels like me.  It includes all things creative and seems to be put together in such a thoughtful and personal way.  It’s a piece of art and every issue feels like it was carefully crafted for you.  It inspires me.

My Husband’s Fingerprint
My hubby is the person who keeps me sane and is SO patient with my many ideas.  He is truly my biggest supporter.  I scribbled a patch of pencil lead and had him press his finger into it (I told you he’s patient!)  I made his finger print into a feather.

A Snippet of an Obituary
“…was a strong woman among men.”  This line reminded me of my gram and it also represents my love of writing.  Why an obit? I actually enjoy reading them (yes, I may sound weird).  I quickly skim them, trying to find one that’s really well written — when they sound like a real character.  Full of life.  It takes skill to capture what is special about a person in so few words.

A Black and White Photo of a Camera
I love photography.  I’ve taken photography classes before and now take a million pictures of my kids daily.  The full storage messages that regularly show up on my phone are an indicator.   Photos make us feel and they give us stories.  It’s pretty amazing.  I snipped a photo of a camera and snuck it in.

Washi Tape
This coral and gold polka dot tape represents my love of creating, craftiness, and making.  I bought it from a fun paper shop on Queen West.

Gold Flecked Scrapbooking Paper
This paper represents my return to all things creative.  A DeSerres art store opened up near our house this winter.  The timing was perfect.

Pink Talons
Even though my wardrobe can be pretty neutral most of the time (greys, blacks, dark blue, white) – I love colour.  Back in the day, when manicures and pedicures were a part of my world, I often chose bubblegum pink.

His funky glasses
I traced out my own glasses.  I’ve worn glasses since grade 2.  They’re just a part of who I am and since owls are supposed to be wise, I thought he needed a pair.

I made this little owl after playing around with the idea of Spirit Animals (What’s Your Spirit Animal?)

It was around 10 o’clock one night and I should have been getting ready for bed (our 6 month old gets up multiple times a night and our toddler boys like to wake up between 5 – 6 a.m.)  Instead I sat on our living room rug surrounded by scraps of paper, a newspaper, scissors, and a glue stick.  My husband didn’t ask what in the world I was doing.  His response, “I knew you would tell me at some point.”  See, he gets me 🙂

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