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Here’s a list of great people whose websites / blogs I subscribe to:

  1. Shutterbean
  2. Tiffany Han
  3. Made Vibrant
  4. Jessica Swift’s 100 Uplifting Days
  5. Elise Joy
  6. Purl Soho
  7. Susannah Conway


I encourage you to check them out.  They are inspiring and creative.  Smart women who share their work and do good for others.

I love checking my inbox.  I get to see beautiful photographs they have taken and creative projects that inspire my own work.  I learn about new online courses I might take or new podcasts to check out.

What they send provides me with opportunities to learn.  And if someone is willing to write or create something of value and send it right to you, why wouldn’t you?

I used to be super protective of my email account.  I wouldn’t give it to stores when asked (I still don’t) and I still use a “fake” account to sign up for things.  No one likes spam.

Then a mentor encouraged me to sign up for everything!  Sign up for newsletters.  Sign up for updates on websites you love.  After a while, if you don’t like what they send, then unsubscribe or block.

I’ve since decided to set up a subscribe option for my blog.  Using Mail Chimp, readers can have The Lainie List emailed to them each week.  My thinking is that if people enjoy it and find it useful, it can be sent directly to them instead of having to look for it.  We’ll see how it goes!