The Lainie List

chris 3.jpeg


  1. 8 Tips Every Beginning Portrait Photographer Should Know
  2. Basil Bread recipe
  3. 75 Questions to Ask to Get to Know Someone
  4. Weekly Wellness Checklist
  5. This is wrong on so many levels – bologna cake.
  6. #101LainieProjects
  7. Wallpaper designer’s new collection inspired by the Rock (Newfoundland).
  8. Unbelievably beautiful.  You need to see the canoe this guy built in his garage.
  9. Funny photos that show why you shouldn’t leave your kids alone. ever.
  10. Humans of Danforth East: Chris from Firefly Creative Writing
  11. I LOVE this video.  A rapper and his grandma. You need to watch it.
  12. A strawberry shortcake shoulder bag
  13. The Wellness Quiz.  How balanced are you?
  14. Dear Handmade Life


#TheLainieList @holmeslainie

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