The Lainie List

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Ice cream weather has begun!  Who am I kidding, it’s ice cream weather year round at our house.



  1. The 3 Books that Stanford is Asking Incoming Freshman to Read Over the Summer
  2. Fidget Spinners Are the Kitchen Gadget You Didn’t Know You Needed
  3. These look hilarious and amazing – I need this for camping!!
  4. My bio – continuing to evolve
  5. Surviving the Four Month Sleep Regression
  6. 8 Female-Led Podcasts to Fire Up Your Professional Life
  7. The reason why you shouldn’t eat cookie dough…and it’s not because of raw egg.
  8. Eight great entrepreneur stories
  9. The Best iPhone Photos of 2017 – they’re beautiful
  10. 10 Famous Book Hoarders, as in thousands and thousands of books…
  11. I find her quirky and funny.  And who doesn’t remember the Body Break couple!?
  12. LOVE these Paper Collage Packs made by Katie Holla
  13. These ice pop flavours look ridiculoulsy good.
  14. Skill Share.  This could be a problem for me… I would want to take everything!
  15. My Mom’s Ginger Molasses Cookie Recipe
  16. Too Cute and Funny: Jessi Cruickshank’s Pregnancy Advice from Grandmas | CBC Life



#TheLainieList @holmeslainie

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