My Notebooks are “Very Lainie”

Screen Shot 2017-06-27 at 3.45.34 PM.png

My notebooks are a place where I write without worry or care.  I don’t think about whether people will like them.  I don’t second guess how I might be coming across.  They are personal and no one reads them but me.

They are filled with beautiful things.  I cut out images I love and great snippets of writing I find here and there.   My notebooks are filled with things I find interesting and ideas I want to think about further or hold on to.  They are very Lainie.

It’s where I write for me, which is something that I would love to be able to do with my blog.  I’m just not comfortable in my own skin yet to just lay it all out there.  I’ll get there.  But I do think it would be cool if my blog simply became a digital version of my notebooks.  A random collection of beautiful and interesting things.

So as a first step in that direction, I’m going to start sharing pieces of my notebooks with you. Which is quite the change – going from no one reading it to anyone being able to read it.  Let’s see how I do.

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