I took a peek at the Gap and Old Navy websites today to see what’s new.  Here’s what I liked…


For our boys…


For our daughter…



And because I was having too much fun, Gymboree


It’s fun to imagine picking whatever you want without thinking about the price.

I love shopping but being on maternity leave, I know that I can’t go buck wild.  Kids clothes are so cute, but they can also be so expensive.  I usually watch for pieces I love and wait for them to go on sale.



Clothes I ordered for the boys last spring.

Where some might see shopping as materialistic or vain, I see it as a form of expression, a form of art in a way.

I love finding pieces that pay attention to small details – using different buttons, playing with different stitching, great fabrics…and don’t get me started on shoes.  And, come on, they look so stinkin’ cute afterwards.