The Last Writing Act of Kindness: Write a Letter to Dad


Today is all about Dad. Write a letter to your Dad. Tell him what you admire about him. What are you thankful for? What has he taught you? It may make us feel weird or a bit vulnerable to put it down on paper, but why do we wait to tell people these things? Your Dad will love it. Write it.

If your Dad has passed away, write about him. Share what you admired about him. Share funny, silly, or sweet stories. Give your writing to a family member — maybe a niece or nephew who never got to meet him or a sibling who misses him too.


As a teenager, I once convinced my Dad to sit on a mall Santa’s lap.


I write my last #waok post as anacrostic poem — a flashback from my childhood.

Friend — My Dad and his best friend, Miles, were born in the same hospital just days apart. As newborns, they were together. They camped in each other’s backyards as little boys. They were Best Men in each others weddings. Our friends and family tease them because they talk on the phone every day and often multiple times a day. It’s a friendship more like a brotherhood.

Avid learner — My Dad reads all the time. He’s usually reading multiple newspapers at once and there’s a stack of books near his bedside guaranteed. He likes watching documentaries and those “how it’s made” kind of shows. When I was pregnant with our third baby, one day he told me all about a documentary he had watched about the development of babies in the womb and the fascinating facts he had learned. I laughed, he could have just asked.

Tradesman — My Dad is a skilled tradesman. He’s a licensed mechanic who can also do electrical, carpentry, and plumbing. He built our family home and our cabin. If we ever need something fixed or built, Dad just does it.

Hardly sits down — My Dad always has a project on the go. Why enjoy time at the lake when one can be building a deck down by the lakefront, making benches for the outdoor kitchen, or a million others things that could keep him busy. But in all seriousness, his work has created an amazing place that is filled with friends and family every summer.

Eye for the Creative — Where one might see an antique minnow bucket, my Dad sees cool light fixtures for his outdoor kitchen. We also have a tree in our cabin. No joke. My parents needed a support post for the loft. Rather than having a generic piece of wood, my Dad spotted a tree along the lake shore. It’s branches were outstretched in such a way that they would perfectly touch the ceiling. It’s pretty cool.


Resourceful — My dad wanted to build an outdoor pizza oven and designed a whole outdoor kitchen around the idea. He started watching how-to videos and researching fire brick. We now have an amazing pizza oven up at the cabin. When our friends and family come to visit, we sit in the outdoor kitchen he built and enjoy some drinks and amazing pizza.


I admire how my Dad’s mind is always open to possibility. He’s a wonder-er, a creator, and a very loyal friend. He’s also an incredible grandpa to our kids.

Love you, Dad



June 2017

This mark’s the end of my 30 Day Writing Acts of Kindness Challenge. I can’t believe that amongst the craziness of our life that I actually wrote daily. I’m kind of proud of myself.

Watch for a post this week about what I noticed as a result of #waok and who was the inspiration behind it all.

Wishing all the Dad’s out there a great upcoming Father’s Day.



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