Writing Acts of Kindness: Recipe Card Challenge

Writing Act of Kindness Challenge:

Copy your favourite family recipe onto a recipe card.  On the back, share a little story about it.  What memories do you have associated with the recipe?  Do you have a great story to share?  Send it to a friend who loves to bake or enjoys a good meal.


I decided to share my Grandma Beatrice’s Monster Cookie recipe with my friend Janine who loves to bake.

recipe 1

Yes, you read it correctly.  You’ll need a dozen eggs and 18 cups of rolled oats!  I usually quarter the recipe and still get lots of cookies.
recipe 2
Grandma Beatrice’s Monster Cookie recipe is a popular one in our family.  When we decided to have a cookie bar at our wedding, Grandma’s monster cookies had to be in the mix.

Is there a certain recipe that your family loves?  One that is always served on special occasions?  Write it down and share it with a friend or neighbour.

You’ve just completed another Writing Act of Kindness.

Please take a photo of your recipe card and share it with us!  We’d love to see it.  #waok

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