My First Week with Three Kids Under Three

Everyone in the kitchen while Mom made dinner this week.

This past week was my first time being home alone with our three kids. We have a 3 week old daughter and two boys (1 and 2 years old). With my parents no longer visiting and my husband back to work, here’s a snapshot of how it went and what I’m learning along the way…

Monday: Unusually Quiet and Calm

Where I usually spend my days separating the boys as they fight with each other over toys, today they were as sweet as pie. I heard “thank you, mama,” there were no meltdowns when it was time to leave the park, they looked quietly at books when we were at the library, they had long naps, and they played well on their own. It was eerie. I’ll enjoy it as long as it lasts!

A BIG thank you to my friend Heather for the Duplo Lego Construction set she bought our boys. We opened it today and it kept the boys busy for hours! Heather, I owe you big time. Even though I had to build and rebuild a crane, dump truck, bulldozer, and car multiple, multiple times, it was totally worth it. Thank you!

Tuesday: Two Smooth Days in a Row?

Today I took the kids to an indoor dome to play. You know you have three little ones when you now pack a stroller to get them inside the building from the parking lot.

Picture a large indoor dome filled with kids running everywhere, a bouncy castle with two boys that go at it and fight every week (apparently they are neighbours), and foam baseball bats on the turf. Let’s just say I was a little unsure how it would go (keeping an eye on three of them), but it turned out to be a lot of fun.

For the hour and a half we were there, our newborn slept in the stroller. I pushed her around the play space and watched the boys as they chased soccer balls around, giggled under the huge parachute, and jumped around in the bouncy castle.

Highlight of the Day — being able to play more with the boys. Getting down onto the turf became pretty awkward and not so flattering at 9 months pregnant.

Wednesday: The Day the Wheels Fell Off

I knew things were going too smoothly! Today I had two little ones who fought their morning naps like nobody’s business. Imagine a newborn and a one year old crying at the same time from opposite ends of the house.

I decided to pull ‘chute and pack up the crew to head to a new park. Our oldest was happy as could be — right up on the play structures and burning around the place. Which is great, except try keeping an eye on that, plus push another one on the swing, and keep a newborn from screaming her head off in the stroller. Let’s just say our trip to the park became a calm family walk down to the boardwalk to watch kites and the waves crashing in.

Highlight of the morning — having a little snack together on a bench along Queen Street. We sat in the sun, ate some hot cross buns from the bakery down the street, and drank out of sippy cups (not me) while watching the traffic go by. With two little boys, this was heaven. They were doing their two favourite things — eating and watching cars. “Streetcar, Mama!” “Delivery truck!” “Mama! Mail truck!

Thursday: The Wheels are Gone

Fighting morning naps continues. Fun times. We bundle up and head out to a nearby Early Years Centre to find upon arrival that it has reached capacity. Plan B! Off we go to Riverdale Farm. The boys love it. The first request is to go see the horses. Pigs were the hit of the day. And our oldest was more interested in a parked animal trailer than the cows. “Wow, mama! Trailer! Big wheels.”

Highlight of the day — three kiddos all napping at the same time! But instead of mama grabbing some needed sleep, I worked on the online course I’m currently teaching.

Watching chickens at Riverdale Farm

Friday: My Last Day Flying Solo (for this week!)

Our morning began with my oldest asking to watch a “moo-bee” (translation: movie), which he never asks for. While his brother had his morning nap and his sister was snoozing, we cuddled on the couch and watched part of Cars 2. I’m becoming more aware of his need for more one-on-one time. He’s been amazing with his little sister and not so much with his little brother.

Today I packed up the crew and headed to the mall to buy a few new clothes. Life after maternity wear. It was quite the shopping experience; I grabbed clothes as quickly as I could while the boys were restless in the stroller and I had a newborn attached to the front of me in a carrier. We’ll see how the clothes fit when we get home.

Highlight of the Day — “Come sit on couch, mama.” Cuddling with my oldest and watching a moo-bee, just the two of us.

Lessons Learned 

What I’ve realized this week is that having Three Kids Under Three isn’t as hard as I thought it would be. It’s just a lot of juggling and trying to think ahead.

It’s having a newborn in a carrier, a toddler on your hip, and another toddler reading a book at your feet as you try and make supper.

It’s truly testing your patience and organizational skills to bundle up three kids in winter clothing and get out the door 30 minutes later.

But the hardest part for me, with having three kids under three, are the constant comments from complete strangers.

Yes, I know how it happened.

Yes, I’m busy.

Yes, they are very close in age.

Yes, it was planned.

No, they’re not twins.

Each time I go out with my kids, I feel like I’m answering to every stranger we meet.

I don’t mean to sound harsh. I’m sure everyone means well and there was likely a time before kids where I might of said the same things.

It’s just hearing it every single day and multiple times within an hour that’s getting to be a bit much.

We wanted to have three little ones close in age and we’re so happy to have them. Bathtime is nothing but splashing and giggling. Suggesting that we go for a walk or a car ride is met with squeals and running for their boots. And early mornings (the kids are usually up by 5 or 6 a.m.) are loud and filled with the sounds of toys being dumped on the floor. Let the playing begin!

Yes, we are busy. And we are so lucky.

So if you happen to see a mom or dad with little ones in tow, just smile and say how cute they are. You might just make their day!

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