Where Writers Write

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Scraps of paper from a purse during a morning commute, napkins from a little coffee shop, paper menus from a diner late at night – the beginnings of some of our favourite books.   Likely scribbled in haste to capture the thought before it was gone.

Yet it’s funny that we have a romantic view of where writers write.

We might picture a beautiful mahogany desk.  From the window, light spills across papers and there are books stacked on every flat surface.  There’s soft music playing in the background as they punch away at their computer, or even better, a typewriter.  Or maybe they slide a beautiful pen across paper.  

Not in my world.

This is just a little post to share where I do my writing…


Being “Innovative” is Easier than you Think
On my iPhone 6, it’s 3 a.m., and I’m writing in my Notes app.   Our son, who’s a month and a half old, is lying in my lap.  I’m just waiting for him to fall asleep so I can put him into his space pod (what we lovingly call the 4 Mom’s swing – the only thing he will sleep in).  It’s been two hours of waiting so far.  Every move I make triggers a flailing of his arms and legs.  I keep writing.

The Best Job Posting I’ve Ever Read
Standing near the stove in the kitchen.  Our youngest is in the Baby Bjorn and the fan above the stove is on high.  The rumble puts him to sleep and I write.  Our oldest is running around the house playing like a madman.

I Still Find Her Letters
Standing near the stove again.  God I love this fan.  Our little one is sleeping and our oldest is snoozing comfortably upstairs in his crib.  Good thing.  He’d be wondering what’s wrong with Mom?  Why is she crying?

Coffee Drinking, Bacon Inhaling Ninjas
Hello fan, we meet again.  Yes, my writing time includes a stove top, 14 pounds strapped to the front of me and a napping toddler.  But I’ll take it.    

Reckless, Stupid, and Irresponsible: The Pursuit of Dream Jobs
Paw Patrol.  He LOVES it.  One is sleeping on my chest and the other teething, grumpy, and in need of a little down time.  He has his blanket and the only cartoon he’ll watch.  

Where Writers Write.  

Anomaly.  One in the crib and the other sleeping in a swing.  I have no child attached to me.  This feels strange.  I sit on the floor, computer on coffee table. I might actually have a cup of hot tea.  

Don’t get me wrong, I love being a Mom.  Toothy smiles, belly laughs over the silliest of things, and days filled with play and trips to the park.  

I also love when they sleep.  When the house is unusually quiet and I can sneak a little bit of time for myself.  It’s then that I write.

The title of this blog was inspired by an article I recently read:  Where Writers Write: Discover the weird and wonderful writing sanctuaries of some of your favourite authors.  It’s a great read and I think you might like it.  

Some set up camp in a bathtub to do their writing or in a shed outdoors.  Although a bit unusual, they were able to find quiet places to think and get away from it all.

Maybe my stove top is more romantic than it seems.


2 Replies to “Where Writers Write”

  1. Such a beautifully written post Lainie! And it paints such a perfect picture of sneaking those small quiet moments as a busy Mom. Definitely takes me back.

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