Capture their Childhood

Research tells us that children’s early memories begin to fade around 7 years of age. Let’s capture this part of their story.

Capture Childhood mini-course – $25 for 4 weeks
Make a beautiful photo book with little stories to capture the magic of their childhood.

5 Cute Keepsake Ideas for Kids – free
Get 5 creative keepsake ideas sent in 5 emails over 5 days.

Write your Family Story

Robyn Fivush, Ph.D. and Marshall Duke, Ph.D., found that children and adolescents who know more of their family stories show higher well-being on multiple measures, including higher self-esteem, higher academic competence, higher social competence, and fewer behaviour problems. Giving our kids their family stories lets them know that they are a part of something bigger.

Write your Love Story course – $25 for 8 weeks
Create a unique book that captures the story of how you two met.

For a few ideas to help you get started, I’ve shared some of our family stories on the blog…

Write your Life Story

There are so many reasons to write your life story. Be known by your children and those you love. Make meaning of past experiences so you can move forward in a new way. Craft a new story.

The Search for Self gives women a starting place to explore their life stories.

Find prompts or writing ideas at @verylainie as I share pieces of my life story for #the100dayproject.